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Essential Tools for Your Car Emergency Kit

No matter why your car breaks down – be it due to an accident, bad weather or simply a flat tire – having the proper tools in the trunk will ensure you can repair or at least remain alive while waiting for assistance.

The Thrive emergency roadside kit contains everything needed for roadside emergencies in one rigid case, including jumper cables in case your battery dies, reflective safety triangles to alert other drivers, and first aid supplies to treat minor injuries.

Reflective Triangles or Flares

An emergency car kit should always include reflective safety triangles to alert other drivers of your truck’s location on the side of the road. Although these don’t present as much risk and take up less trunk space than burning flares, they still serve as effective warning tools and will give other drivers enough warning of your presence on the roadway.

This kit comes complete with jumper cables for jump starting your battery in case it dies, a headlamp to help with night vision without hands, first aid kit and air inflator to inflate flat tires; additionally a safety hammer can cut jammed seatbelts or shatter automotive glass.

To set up reflectors, activate the hazard lights on your vehicle and position one reflector 100 feet in front of it; another should be placed anywhere from 10 to 500 feet behind your truck depending on road type.

Duct Tape

For situations ranging from roadside breakdowns and accidents to weather emergencies, having a roll of duct tape handy in your car could prove invaluable. Not only can it seal leaks but also provide temporary protection from broken windows; catch flies; act as lint rollers and even open jars!

Standard duct tape has a thin adhesive layer, which adheres well to smooth surfaces like wood. However, for rough or irregular surfaces it might be beneficial to use gaffer tape with more aggressive adhesion properties; covering any splinters easily with some duct tape can also help.

Paper Towels

An emergency supply of paper towels can save you from reaching for your first aid kit every time something small arises, like changing a flat tire or scrapes at the park. They’re great for quickly sanitizing hands when changing tires or dealing with injuries of minor nature – the possibilities are limitless!

Arthur Scott revolutionized paper towel production in 1931 when he developed kitchen towels specifically tailored for housewives. These thicker towels with plush, soft handfeels were embossed to trap small air pockets that allowed water to absorb into them more effectively.

Make sure your car is packed with emergency supplies such as band-aids and tissues so that you’re always prepared for unexpected adventures on the road. Don’t forget a tow rope to pull out your vehicle in snow or mud, jumper cables and work gloves as well!

Work Gloves

An essential item for any roadside emergency kit should be work gloves with cut-resistant material if you plan on working on your own car or helping other motorists.

An essential tool kit should include pliers with flat blade screwdrivers of two sizes, Phillips-blade screwdriver, adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge and inflator (to seal punctured tires).

Fire Extinguisher

An automobile fire extinguisher can save lives. Not only can it protect those inside of your car from serious injury and others on the road, it can also quickly extinguish small fires that threaten to quickly spread beyond it.

Fires can release harmful gases into the atmosphere that harm our lungs and ecosystems, but an extinguisher containing Class B and C fire-fighting agents can stop these fires before they spiral out of control.

An emergency car kit should contain jumper cables to jumpstart a dead battery, reflective safety triangles or flares to warn other drivers, duct tape and work gloves for repairs, an extra flashlight battery pack and fire extinguisher, first aid supplies for minor injuries as well as an extra copy of medical records or an insurance card – in short everything needed in case of emergencies!

Multipurpose Tool

A well-stocked tool kit can help you tackle technical challenges on the road, whether that means unexpected mechanical breakdown, poor weather or flat tires. Carrying quality tools in your car could save your life when disaster strikes unexpectedly!

The Thrive emergency roadside kit comes packed in one rigid case and contains various tools. Reviewers appreciate its versatile screwdriver set with multiple attachments and durable jumper cables; some reviewers however, find its first aid kit lacking; it is also more expensive than competing car emergency kits on the market.

Cell Phone

If you plan on spending considerable time in your car this holiday season-from shopping and running errands to visiting grandma-a well-stocked emergency kit is essential. Consider investing in something like the DOT Essential OSHA ANSI Compliant Kit which comes complete with everything from an escape tool with seatbelt cutter and hammer to fire extinguishers, jumper cables, tow ropes and first aid supplies – as well as first aid kits!

Emergency blankets can prevent heat loss by acting as rain ponchos or makeshift shelters during bad weather and signal for help when visibility decreases. Other safety items include reflective triangles or flares, flashlights with extra batteries and tire inflators.

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