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Choosing the Right Audi Car Parts

Quality parts are essential when it comes to keeping your Audi looking and performing at its best, especially when replacing car parts.

Contrary to popular belief, Audi parts aren’t prohibitively costly; rather they’re comparable with similar parts for other German car makers in terms of cost.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

OEM parts are manufactured by the same manufacturer who supplied your vehicle’s original components when it was assembled; as they’re designed to perfectly align with its specifications, these OEM parts tend to be more costly than their aftermarket equivalents.

OEM parts come backed with warranties to offset these expenses.

OEM companies produce complete or sub-assemblies, which they sell to other companies who assemble them into finished products. OEM companies may also manufacture component parts or design custom solutions for clients.

OEMs sometimes collaborate directly with businesses that sell their products, known as value-added resellers (VARs). This arrangement allows value-added resellers (VARs) to focus on what they do best: finishing off products for sale to end users – such as BMW has with Penske Chevrolet of Cerritos.

Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to replacing parts, there are various options available to you. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or aftermarket (from another manufacturer) ones may all fit and function similarly – though their quality may differ and prices differ as well.

Aftermarket parts may come with warranties. OEM parts usually carry one as well, though this information can sometimes be difficult to locate.

Selecting the proper parts and accessories can make your Audi stand out from the pack, while adding performance upgrades can give it the power needed for both street driving and track racing.

OEM parts are only typically available through authorized brand dealerships and will provide a better fit than generic alternatives for your Audi car. By choosing genuine Audi parts, you can help protect its value and performance for years to come.

Repair/Replacement Parts

When your Audi requires repairs, OEM or high quality replacement parts should always be used. You can find these at dealerships, through specialists or online companies like FCP Euro.

Some common repairs you might require include installing new spark plugs, ignition coils, and exhaust systems; or fixing a leaking catalytic converter.

OEM parts are intricately designed to collapse or transfer collision forces in specific ways, and adding sectioning joints into these parts could disrupt this function and compromise its integrity. Therefore, it’s vitally important that when repairing OEM parts it follows their recommended procedure for sectioning joints; Audi has specific position statements regarding structural sectioning that should be adhered to as they use aftermarket parts that do not comply with these procedures they could endanger your safety and damage your car; FCP Euro has certified technicians available that can help find you the appropriate parts. ASE certified technicians at FCP Euro can assist you when searching for parts.


Audi vehicles are known for their superior performance and interiors, including their signature Quattro all-wheel drive system. Audi also ranks among the top ten most reliable new car brands.

Audi cars have long been sought-after due to their premium feel and functionality; however, this can also mean higher repair costs compared to some other brands.

No matter whether it is repairs that need doing on an older Audi or upgrades that can enhance its appearance, genuine Audi parts are available to make the most of your ride. From utility accessories such as rooftop carriers and USB charging adaptors to electronic components like USB charging adaptors there is something available for every driver and budget.

Finding the correct parts for your Audi is essential to maintaining its peak performance. With OEM, aftermarket, or replacement parts available online at competitive prices, you’re sure to find everything you need for optimal vehicle maintenance.

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