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How to Improve the Performance of Your Car Using Non-OEM Parts

Many car enthusiasts tweak their cars in order to improve on the performance. This ranges from simple things like bolt-on modifications that increase air, fuel and tuning efficiency, to internal engine changes such as stroker kits, cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons – whatever you think works for you!

Other cheap horsepower builders include; lightening your car by reducing its weight through removing unnecessary items from it, fitting a turbocharger and remapping the ECU. All three will increase both speed and power.

Know Your Vehicle’s Requirements

Step one in choosing replacement parts for your vehicle is knowing what it needs. There are two main kinds of auto parts – OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ones and aftermarket accessories. Original equipment manufacturer parts come directly from their manufacturers with exact fitment that guarantees quality but they may also come at higher prices than other options on the market.

On contrary to this situation, aftermarket products are made by third party companies thereby giving room for competition and variety compared to original ones. In addition they go through strict tests so as not to cause any complication with your machine when they are installed. Ultimately whether you should buy OEM or aftermarket largely depends on personal taste or preference; here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

Study Options And Compare Them

Most car fanatics believe that much money is required to boost their vehicles’ performances. However there exist many inexpensive non-original automobile body parts that can increase horsepower, torque as well as improve fuel economy.

Installing headers will increase airflow thus adding more power due making gasoline mixture easier for engines to ignite themselves. Moreover replacing stock components with lighter weight alternative by after-market brands cuts down general vehicle mass significantly which provides faster acceleration times plus increased maximum speeds as well.

It is important that reliable after-market parts with good fit and warranty be chosen in any repair case so as to be sure that what you are getting is compatible and doesn’t cause damage or even unsafe driving. Do your homework, read reviews, and compare prices.

Think About The Money

To buy non-original parts more cheaply, there are several things that might help in this regard. For example shopping around while buying in bulk will also ensure sizes of lots are capitalized on which will lead to discounts from manufacturers themselves.

Like any other upgrade, the first thing you must consider when it comes to car performance enhancements is your budget. These costly upgrades can pile up so fast, leaving your vehicle underperforming on speed or reliability than expected.

Another method of saving money on after-market components is by buying used or remanufactured ones from stores such as discounters and warehouse clubs; frequently such items can be had for less than their OEM counterparts. Don’t be intimidated into negotiating with suppliers over pricing – they may surprise you with a lower offer! Lastly always negotiate down the price, sellers at times become lenient enough to lower the price for you.

Consult an Expert

Before making choices regarding aftermarket accessories for any car modification it’s essential to seek professional advice first. They’ll give you tips based on your objectives and make sure they match with the model of your vehicle smoothly without voiding warranties.

A professional can help you select the best replacement parts for your car that include systems like the forced induction, spark plugs and ignition modifications as well as engine tuning. These improvements can greatly improve the speed and acceleration of your vehicle.

Whenever you are buying aftermarket car parts, always carefully consider their manufacturer’s reputation and quality. Check out customer reviews and certifications. This will save you expensive repairs in future and allow you to negotiate prices directly with a trustworthy company. Moreover, ask for warranties or negotiate their cost directly – choosing wisely can make all the difference to how well a part will perform!

Align With Your Performance Goals

The availability of many aftermarket parts which one can choose from has made it possible for automotive enthusiasts who want to customize their cars’ appearance or enhance its performance achieve this goal through various ways such as changes in air intake system, exhaust system among others depending on whether they need more sounds emanating from it, easy handling or increased power.

Aftermarket parts take driving crazy to an entirely new level. However before modifying your ride, it is important that you understand what your car is capable of doing first. For instance, carrying out regular maintenance as per recommendations and frequently monitoring its performance will not only elongate its lifespan but also prevent any other forms of premature problems that might arise later; this is another secret of maintaining an efficient car over a longer period of time while preventing some costly repairs.

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