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What Types of Bike Insurance Are Available?

Bike insurance is available from a variety of providers, offering various levels of cover. It’s an effective way to safeguard your bike against theft, damage and accidents.

Standard homeowners, renters and condo policies usually cover bicycles as part of the personal property section of their policies. Unfortunately, these typically provide limited protection and lower coverage limits than specialist bike insurance does.

Coverage for high-priced bikes

If you own a high-end bike, the best bike insurance will protect it from damage and theft. Although more costly than home insurance, this type of policy provides peace of mind.

You’ll have to pay an annual premium, but you can get a quote on one of the many price comparison websites around the web. These will search multiple bike insurers and present you with policies with the most reasonable costs for your specific requirements.

When looking for bike insurance, make sure they offer coverage for all of your possessions – including the bicycle itself. That’s especially important since homeowners and renters policies usually only cover bikes at their depreciated value.

Pedalsure is a highly-rated cycle specialist that offers an incredibly flexible quote system and comprehensive website. You can pick and choose what you need – from cover for multiple bikes, accessories and race cover to up to 60 days travel cover and three tiers of personal cover.

Liability protection

Standard homeowners, renters and condo insurance policies usually provide limited protection for bicycles under the personal property section of your policy. While this may be sufficient for casual cyclists with modified bikes that cost a fortune to insure, avid riders with more expensive bikes may find their needs inadequate.

The best bike insurance provides liability protection in case of an accident or theft, as well as physical damage coverage to cover repairs or replacement of your bicycle, including accessories.

Another beneficial feature of the best bike insurance is that it typically includes UM/UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist) liability coverage. This can come in handy if another driver doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for your injuries, leading to a hefty medical bill.

Many insurers will also add your bicycle as a valuable personal property on your home insurance policy, which could increase the coverage limits available. This is an effective way to guarantee you receive the maximum amount possible for claims even with a high deductible.

Collision coverage

If you’re riding a bike, collision insurance can help cover repair expenses in case your vehicle is involved in an accident. This type of policy protects against damage that results from hitting another car or object like a highway median, for instance.

Collision coverage provides protection for your vehicle in case it rolls over, slides down an embankment or strikes a tree. While not essential, it can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident.

Optional coverage is available, and most lenders require it if you’re financing or leasing your car. In case of a totaled vehicle, this coverage can help pay off the loan or fund the purchase of a new one – making it worthwhile to have.

For the best bike insurance, consider comprehensive coverage – similar to collision coverage but designed to safeguard your car against non-collision events like theft, vandalism or fire. Plus, many policies offer a no-claims bonus which gives you discounts on premiums if you make no claims within one year.

Theft protection

If you own a high-end bike, theft protection may be beneficial. This service is offered by some of the top bike insurance USA companies.

Homeowners insurance and renters insurance cover can be a good start, but they typically have low coverage limits for personal property items that may not provide enough support in case of theft. Furthermore, your deductible could be high.

That is why we recommend searching for a specialist bicycle policy instead. These can be more cost-effective than homeowners or renters insurance, while also providing comprehensive protection for your bike and other belongings.

Some bike insurance policies include a recovery advocate. This individual is an employee of the company who can help get your identity back if it has been stolen. They’re usually assigned to your case and can make phone calls, send letters or complete other tasks that might prove challenging if left alone.

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