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BMW Car Accessories

Add BMW accessories to your car to improve its functionality, performance, and style. Some are designed to shield it from environmental elements while others give it a distinctive appearance.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke, or “BMW”) prides itself on creating the Ultimate Driving Machine. From connecting drivers directly with the road surface or simply keeping coffee warm – this brand stands for precision engineering.

Bumper protectors

Bumper protectors for BMW vehicles are invaluable tools that protect the paint of the rear bumper from scratching, and come in different sizes to meet different installation needs. Installation is quick and simple with some models offering steel reinforced straps as well as high intensity 3M safety reflectors as optional features.

Each year, millions of dollars are spent repairing car bumpers that get damaged while being stored in garages or on streets. A quality bumper protector can help avoid these collisions and keep your vehicle looking its best for years.

This rear bumper protector adheres directly to your car using Very High Bond adhesive strips for secure placement and precise fitment. Featuring a center indicator mark for easier installation and an exact fitment guarantee.

Trunk liners

Cargo liners provide protection for your trunk or cargo area from spilled groceries, dirty sports gear and messy pet hair. These mats can either be universally or custom-fitted; universal options use rubber while custom ones feature vinyl or carpet material construction for easy maintenance; easy clean-up procedures make for hassle-free storage when not in use; plus they can even be rolled up when not required!

These BMW back seat liners are the ideal solution to reduce wear and tear caused by muddy paw prints, claw marks and shed fur. Not only are they water resistant but also easy to clean up after each use! Additionally, their water resistance makes cleaning them hassle free while their grippiness keeps items in place and keeps your BMW safe when not in use – not forgetting they easily snap into place and roll back away when not needed!

Dashboard kit

The BMW 5 Series is an impressive car, but you can make it even better by adding accessories. Some can help enhance safety; others provide entertainment or convenience; still others may help shield against spills or other damages to its interior.

Dashboard kits can dramatically transform the interior of a vehicle. Comprised of various trim pieces that can be placed anywhere across the dashboard, some kits cover all or specific sections such as glove boxes or passenger vents; all kits come painted scratch-resistant matte black for seamless integration into existing looks and feels of your car’s cabin.

Rear-seat entertainment system

Have your children ever asked, “Are we there yet?” on a long road trip? Adding a rear seat entertainment system might be just what’s needed to keep everyone happy in your vehicle – roof-mounted flip-down monitors or upgraded headrests featuring dual screens for rear passengers to watch movies or play video games can all add extra fun during travel time!

These systems feature both wired and wireless headphones to give rear-seat passengers a separate listening experience from drivers or front-seat passengers, without disturbing or distracting from them.

Now, with such advanced tablets and smartphones available on the market, it may not be worthwhile investing in one of these factory-installed systems.

Mud guards

Mud flaps may seem like an unnecessary addition, but they’re actually an essential component of BMWs’ longevity. Without them, dirt and grime would accumulate on your wheel wells and undercarriage of your car – slowing the wheels from turning freely while corrosion takes hold in parts.

Protective accessories made of plastic or rubber and featuring various styles are known as mud flaps. While plastic ones are durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions, rubber ones are more flexible and effective at blocking water spray.

These accessories are especially beneficial to BMW drivers who take their vehicles off-road frequently or drive through muddy roads, helping prevent dirt from spraying onto other cars and pedestrians.

Roof racks

BMWs are known for being highly practical vehicles, yet roof racks take this functionality to another level. Roof racks can make travel much simpler for families heading off on holiday and those requiring to transport equipment such as bikes or kayaks – our commercial range makes this ideal for business owners and DIYers.

Our BMW car accessories are carefully tailored to each model of BMW so they look and fit like OEM parts. Furthermore, they have been carefully tested to meet the high quality standards associated with this brand. In addition, we carry an array of stylish design accessories that can enhance both style and comfort – such as flush bars, thru bars and platforms/trays – available to enhance your ride’s style and comfort.

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