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Unusual Modified Cars

If you have ever been in a car that has been modified, you’ve probably noticed something a little off-putting. It’s likely that its owner is a fan of superhero movies or comic books, but they missed the obvious option of turning it into a sleek Batmobile. If this is the case with you, then read on to learn how you can avoid the same mistake. There are plenty of ways to change the appearance of your car without having to spend a fortune.

Some vehicles, such as a Nissan Cube or a Ferrari 360 Modena, have been modified in the name of performance. Some of these cars have been modified beyond recognition, but Jeremy Clarkson has put them all through their paces on Top Gear. You can check out some of the most unusual modified cars below. Here are some of the best and worst cars that were modified by fans. Hopefully, one of these will inspire you to modify your own car.

Most of the best selling cars in India are practical and designed for normal use. Only a small percentage of people buy performance cars for their daily needs. Most enthusiasts, however, purchase regular cars and modify them outrageously. However, there are also some cars that are unusually modified by enthusiasts. There are even cars with a roof or a rear spoiler! The list of unusual modified cars is endless. So, what makes these vehicles so cool?

Those who wish to make their car look different can opt for a custom paint job. One such vehicle is the Ecosport, a fake SUV sold in India that lacks 4×4 capability and approach angles required to turn a corner. Another car that is unique is the Baleno, a car that was modified by 360 Motoring, Kollam. The door on this vehicle opens up upwards. When closed, it looks stock and is completely functional, but when it opens, it looks like a tank.

In addition to looking unique, modifying your vehicle can affect your insurance premiums. Make sure you tell your insurance provider about any modifications you plan to make. Many insurance companies will offer modified coverage if you tell them in advance. If you choose to make a large change, you’ll likely have to pay more than the standard policy. A little research will go a long way in getting the right policy for your vehicle. When you do make a big change, check out insurance companies that specialize in cars like yours.

Another popular vehicle that has been modified is the Volkswagen Beetle. Although it does not produce a lot of power, the car’s versatility has made it the perfect vehicle for drag racing, 4×4 dune buggie, rat rod, or drag racer. Volkswagen Beetle got its name in the popular ‘Herbie’ movie series, and replicas of the cars in the movies are quite common. For even more power, you can swap out the old air-cooled engine with a higher-performance one. Be sure to upgrade the brakes, too.

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