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Top 5 Auto Insurance Apps

An auto insurance app is an essential resource for policyholders. It enables them to pay bills, view documents, file claims and access roadside assistance more quickly – and some even allow them to track driving habits!

Progressive’s Snapshot Telematics program enables drivers to monitor their driving behaviors and save money with simple app. Although simple to use, however, some users have raised privacy concerns with regards to Snapshot.

Root Insurance

Root uses your smartphone to track your driving habits for several weeks in what it calls its Test Drive feature, providing a quote. It measures your hard braking, turning, miles driven and the times of day you typically drive; according to Root, “safe drivers save money,” so they pass those savings along to their customers.

Root takes into account your location, credit score, driving record and marital status when calculating rates for you. In addition to driving score calculations, rates also depend on variables like make and model of car used for business or pleasure and age of driver; it is only available in certain states; additionally the company also offers renters insurance through their app available on both Apple and Android devices.


GEICO policyholders can download the free GEICO app for iPhone or Android to use its many features, such as paying bills, viewing vehicle information and payment schedules and getting technical support 24/7. GEICO frequently appears as one of the cheapest car insurance options on NerdWallet analyses.

This app supports Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices and allows users to review and change coverage policies; access digital ID cards; locate roadside assistance services and receive roadside assistance assistance services as well as obtain an estimate.

DriveEasy, an innovative telematics program from GEICO, monitors driving behavior to encourage good practices and punish bad ones, rewarding good habits while penalizing bad ones. However, the app may consume up to 70 megabytes of data every month, so for optimal performance it should preferably be used on WiFi networks when possible. Owned by Berkshire Hathaway and serving millions of customers nationwide.


Allstate provides customers with a well-designed mobile app to manage various aspects of their policy. Users can utilize it to view digital proof of insurance, make payments, access ID cards and upload photos for filing claims as well as call roadside assistance if needed. They can also check for data breaches that may have exposed their information and delete it at their leisure if need be.

Allstate provides a program called Drivewise that monitors driving habits and rewards safe drivers with discounts of up to 30% on car insurance premiums. The app includes Crash Detect, which helps drivers reach emergency workers after an accident has taken place.

Allstate Insurance Company of the USA is one of the nation’s premier insurers, known for providing excellent customer service. Their range of policies encompass auto, home, life and disability coverage – as well as an online tool allowing users to compare personalized rates.


Progressive’s mobile application for both Android and iOS allows policyholders to perform various insurance transactions, including changing and updating policies as well as accessing essential documents like insurance cards.

The app also aims to assist drivers in saving money through its Snapshot program. Using a device plugged into your car, Snapshot monitors driving behavior and can reduce auto insurance premiums. In addition, Snapshot also offers discounts for being an excellent student or having multiple policies with them.

Progressive isn’t the cheapest choice, however, and its claims process can take time to process. Furthermore, no pay-in-full discount is offered through this company so always shop around before choosing Progressive as your insurer.

State Farm

State Farm offers full-line insurance policies with affordable rates and strong financial ratings for drivers in need of local agents, competitive rates and discounts and coverage options – such as ridesharing insurance.

Pocket Agent, the company’s mobile app, gives customers access to their insurance information wherever they may be on any device – be it filing claims or communicating with customer service representatives and viewing policy details.

State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save telematics program enables customers to build savings by improving their driving habits. A pair of apps that use Bluetooth beacons attached to windshields transmit data directly to State Farm and allow customers to track their progress; it is available for drivers of Ford or Lincoln vehicles manufactured after 2020.

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