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Top Car Parts You Need to Maintain on a Regular Basis

In this article, you will discover a quick guide to car parts that need to be replaced on your vehicle. It is always advised to have a check list of car components that need to be replaced with every driving session so that you do not go wrong in your replacement activities. Note that the list given below has been arranged in broad categories like engine oil, transmission fluid, battery, air conditioning and so on.

Engine Oil. This component guarantees that engine is free from contaminants and oil free from dirt and sediments don’t leak into the car engine at all. This is one of the most important car parts because it is responsible for the smooth running of engine. You can replace the engine oil with ease by following the guidelines mentioned below. Read on:

Transmission Oil. This part facilitates the smooth movement of the transmission while the vehicle is being driven and is very helpful for proper combustion. Therefore, if there is any problem with your engine or transmission while driving, this is the first part that needs to be replaced.

Battery Tires. The life of a battery is often dependent on the life of the battery. It is recommended that you change the battery’s tires on a regular basis depending upon the mileage and the car’s mileage. If you live in an area where there is low or no sunshine for a significant part of the year, it is best that you change your batteries at least once every month, as required by the manufacturer.

Rev Counter. The rev counter shows you the exact amount of gasoline remaining in the tank so that you know when to change the fuel or change the oil and also about the amount of miles you have driven so far. One of the most important car parts, this is also one of the expensive ones. Rev counters should be checked regularly for proper functioning and replaced when necessary, especially if you use your vehicle for long distances.

Every Six Months, Engine Oil. The oil helps you keep your engine running smoothly by lubricating the moving parts, particularly the oil pump. Periodic checking of the oil helps you prolong the performance of your engine, as well as your car’s lifespan. Engine is the most vital component, so it is highly recommended to get this done every six months. Check engine oil under the hood every time you change the oil.

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