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Top 5 Must Have Car Gadgets

When you’re in the car, you might want to have a few gadgets to help you stay safe. A rearview camera can be handy for checking your rear view while driving, and many of these gadgets are lightweight and inexpensive. Another useful gadget is a seatbelt cutter, which helps you remove your seatbelt in an emergency situation.

A Bluetooth car kit can help you connect your smartphone to the speaker system in the car and let you make calls hands free. These kits only cost a few dollars, and can be purchased on Amazon. Another gadget to keep in your car is a USB charger that has multiple USB ports. You can get this device for as little as $9.99 on Amazon. You may also want to get a seat tray that allows you to rest your laptop or notebook while driving, and store food. The best part is that they are lightweight, portable, and durable.

Another handy gadget for your car is a GOFAR device. This clever gadget allows you to monitor your car’s sweet spot and provides real-time feedback on how you can improve fuel efficiency. It can also display your car’s location on a map, and it can be controlled from your smartphone using an app.

Having a dead car battery is a stressful experience. A flat tire can be dangerous. By being prepared with car gadgets, you can avoid these emergencies and improve your driving experience. These gadgets will help you find your keys, and will help you stay safe on the road. They also help you charge multiple gadgets at once, as well as help you start the car when the battery runs out.

Another gadget that helps keep you safe is an air purifier. Air purifiers are the latest in technology, and they’ll purify the air in your car. They’ll catch any foul odors and foreign particles and will also kill bacteria. Having a cleaner air quality is helpful for people with allergies, asthma, and other ailments that can make it difficult to breathe.

In case of an emergency, it’s vital to have a first-aid kit in your car. Not only will it help you if you’re in a crash, but it can also help you in a minor accident. A first-aid kit can save the life of a passenger and make their trip safer.

Another essential item is a car seat organizer. These can be handy for storing toys, snacks, and other items. It’s also a great accessory to keep your car neat and tidy. The organizers can also hold your tablet or other gadgets, making your car a more functional place to stay.

A GPS tracker can help you locate your car and keep an eye on your kids. It can also help you track a stolen vehicle. A GPS tracker like the Spy Tec portable GPS tracker is also recommended for drivers. You can set up geo-fencing, and the device will send alerts by text message if your car leaves your geo-fenced area.

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